2 Things men need to know – pronto

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By Debbie Harrower

Men. As hard as they try, when it comes to women, they just miss the bus completely at times.

I am sure they feel the same way about us, I mean we are pretty complicated creatures but, today we are focusing on men and two important things they need to realise about us.

Aaah… the honeymoon stages…

Remember ‘that’ stage? The days were brighter and life was a song. Your man sent you sweet text messages during the day, he could not get enough of you and you felt utterly loved and adored?

Fast forward a couple of years and what do you have?

Yes, you are still together but all the sunshine and roses are gone. Life has settled into a comfortable, possibly even boring routine.


Comfortable is good – lacklustre effort, from one or both partners is not. 

That saying ‘do what you did to win her and you will never lose her’? Men need to remember that!

Sure, the honeymoon stage cannot be maintained forever but women need that extra bit of TLC and reassurance from their partner.

Why? Read on…

How many times have you heard a man say ‘ag man, she is so needy – I can’t take it’? Perhaps you have even been on the receiving end of a comment like that. I know that I have!

Well, here is the thing dear men….

When a woman feels insecure – she gets needy

Even the most confident, self-assured woman is going to whittle away to a needy little mess if her man does not let her know how he feels about her.

This means not just saying ‘I love you’ but showing her that you do by the way you treat her.

Letting her know that you still think she is beautiful, appreciated and all that good stuff that women need to hear from time to time.

Keep the romance alive. Don’t get into that zone of ‘I have her now, so I can chill’.

A woman who feels secure within her relationship is a woman who will not mind her husband having nights out with the boys or going away for work /golf trips.

She will not bat an eyelid when younger or prettier women are around. Why? Because she is confident of her place in your head and your heart.

So if you don’t want a needy woman – up your game in the showing and telling game of love!


The rules of engagement, marriage and babies…. 

Most women want to get married and they want to have children.

We can get married at any stage of our lives but, we can’t have children at any stage. Our window of opportunity is not that fabulous – our fertility starts declining at a pretty rapid speed once we hit 30. From 35 – we really need to get a move on in the baby making department.

PLEASE factor this in to your train of thought when it comes to taking the relationship to the next level. 

After two years of ‘dating’ / living together, you can bet that we’re going to start wondering about when you’re going to pop the question. And dude, after two years – you should know if you want to take things to the next level or not.

Don’t string a woman along. It is one of the worst things a man can do to a woman’s heart and her fertility.

Put a ring on it or move to the left, to the left… everything you own in a box to the left. (Yes, I totally just went all Beyonce on you, dear reader).

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