Vera Wang: Anna Wintour told me to have kids

Vera Wang has revealed that Anna Wintour inspired her fashion line as she encouraged her to get married and start family.

The 69-year-old designer revealed that at the start of her career she was close with the editor, who advised her that it was time to settle down and start a family.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Vera said: “We first met when she first moved to NYC, we still argue over how old we both were, but we were young and Anna loved tennis even then.

“Throughout our careers, ups and downs, we were always able to confide and encourage and support each other.

“When I was still single, and Anna had just had Bee, she lectured me one evening in Paris: ‘It’s time for you to get married and think of starting a family’, but then Ralph Lauren had actually advised me the same thing.”

The fashion icon went on to explain that it was her wedding that inspired her famous bridal gowns, although she never intended to be a wedding dress designer.

She said: “I have always insisted that I brought freedom, I was not a bridal gown designer per se, and nothing in my resume at Vogue or Ralph Lauren would suggest that.

“However, I was a fashion editor and designer who did not feel the need to conform to the standardised look of bridal gowns in the 90s. Opening the door to wedding fashion for brides of all sensibilities and styles was probably my greatest contribution.”

Vera also insisted that her secret to designing the perfect wedding dress is putting the individual first and creating a gown that matches her personality.

She said: “When I do ready-to-wear it is very much my aesthetic. For a bride it is very different, but hopefully the same intellect.”

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