Moving? Here are 7 tips that will make moving stress-free

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They say moving house is the next most stressful thing after the death of a family member! Find out how to make it as painless as possible…

There’s nothing pleasant about taking stock of your material (and emotional) life and knowing a chapter of your life it coming to an end.

It’s a shame that such a burdensome process overshadows the momentousness of buying or renting a new place. No one should lose sleep (or possessions) over what should be an exciting event. So Just Property Group has come up with some ways to move with less stress…

Make a to-do list

Weeks before the move date, write down everything you need to do. Planning ahead like this will allow you to add things to the list that you may have forgotten in the rush.

Have plenty of boxes (and tape)

You can never be too prepared in a situation like this so it’s best to stock up on plenty of boxes and tape so you don’t run out mid-packing.

Label all boxes

Boring but necessary, it will ease the burden of unpacking. You’re going to be tired at the other end of the move.


When packing up your belongings, be sure to donate old clothes, furniture and accessories that you know you won’t use in the new place. A move is an opportunity for new beginnings.

Pack an overnight bag

You may not be able to unpack everything in one day/night. So make sure you bring an overnight bag filled with clothes for the next day or so and your toiletries.

Hire movers ASAP

Leaving it to the last minute to hire movers will not only add anxiety, but can cost you more. Call professionals a few weeks before your move and shop around for the best price.

Ask friends

Friends make everything better, so ask them to help you out and literally lighten the load. Turn up the music, open some wine and celebrate your move.

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