3 Ways to identify a good sun protection cream from a bad one


By Chantelle Bester

Before you start spending your days with red shoulders and a scabby nose, get your SPF situation in order.

  • It needs to have a visible SPF on the label

Some products vaguely promise things like ‘uv protection’, but if there’s no factor attached to it you shouldn’t take their word. In summer you should aim for SPF30 or SPF50.

  • It needs to have UVA protection

The SPF on the label indicates the level of UVB protection, and UVA is indicated separately by the term ‘broad spectrum’ or the letters UVA in a circle.

  • It needs to have a good texture

Good texture for you might not be the same as good texture for me, which is why you should shop around until you find a sun cream that you’ll want to wear.

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