#Travel: Here are the Luxury Travel Trends for 2019

Luxury villas in the Caribbean (PRNewsfoto/Exceptional Villas)

Leading Luxury vacation rental and travel company, Exceptional Villas have conducted an extensive survey amongst their clients to find the top vacation rental trends for 2019. The survey included seven different criteria and values including the importance of service, experience, safety, value, trust, freedom, access and ease of booking.

One of the most surprising results of the survey was that over 90% of their clients said that they don’t want to book online but prefer to have a bespoke highly personalised service that includes all the concierge aspects of the trip. They want to speak to an expert who has been to the destination and to the various properties. They want a company that can provide the pro and cons of both the destination and the property. Above all, they said that expert knowledge is essential.

Whilst 90% of luxury travellers don’t want to book online; they do want to do their research online. Therefore, a company with high visibility combined with very thorough information and excellent search functions is essential. Luxury travel companies, therefore, need to embrace the digital revolution in order to be successful.


70% of clients surveyed said that ease of access was important. Direct flights are essential for 40% of those surveyed, and no more than two flights are important for 40%. 20% of clients surveyed said they didn’t mind the extra travel to get to the destination they really want rather than settling on their second or third choice.

An interesting outcome of the survey was that 40% of their clients who traditionally wanted a pure beach destination and vacation are now looking for destinations that provide a more experiential vacation. Top on the list for experiential destinations was Costa RicaBali and Hawaii.

100% of their clients surveyed said that trust was extremely important. In this regard, word of mouth recommendations, testimonials and good reviews with a company such as Trust Pilot were very important.

Personalization is another very important aspect of booking luxury travel. Recognising that every client’s needs and requirements are different and catering for those needs. In addition, 60% of Exceptional Villas high-end clients stated that they wished to participate in activities outside the normal touristy things to do. Having off the beaten track information and recommendations is very important for them. Clients want to be able to peal back the layers of a destination and feel and experience the destination like a local and not like a tourist.

In terms of location, Exceptional Villas most

popular destinations for the 2019 season in order of popularity are Barbados, Turks and Caicos, St Barts, Italy, The BahamasHawaii and Costa Rica.

Even for very high-end properties, the price is still very important, and 60% of clients surveyed said that booking with a company that offer guaranteed best prices will sway their decision.

Exceptional Villas also noted that booking trends are changing. More and more clients are booking well in advance. 50% of their clients are booking at least 6 months in advance. 40% are booking between 6 months and 2 months in advance, and 10% are booking their vacations at the last minute. More and more clients want to ensure that they have the full choice of accommodations.

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