Two diet rules to toss out after 40

Dieting over 40 - 2

by Melanie Chisnall

Once you hit 40, losing weight is a whole different ball game, which means that some of those traditional diet rules need to take a hike!

Especially the more outdated ones you used to follow in your 20s and 30s.

Here are two diet rules to consider permanently waving goodbye to…

Diet rules to ditch

  1. Weighing yourself every day. According to RD, Amy Goodson, hormonal fluctuations in your 40s can add to fluid shifts, which might affect your weight on a daily basis. Rather weigh yourself once a week around the same time for a more accurate reading.
  2. Skipping meals. Missing a meal in your 40s means that you’re more likely to crave sugars and sweets if you haven’t eaten enough during the day. Rather eat less at nighttime, and more during the day when you’re active and moving around.
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