Halle Berry reveals the seven steps to her perfect abs

Halle Berry has detailed her intense fitness regime and demonstrated the ab exercises that she’s been doing to “accelerate muscular ab growth”.

Halle Berry revealed the seven moves which help her sculpt her abs and maintain an impressive six-pack.

The 52-year-old actress has detailed her intense fitness regime on one of her weekly Instagram fitness videos, and she has demonstrated the ab exercises that she’s been doing to “accelerate muscular ab growth in preparation for her next film”.

Before she begins her workout, the ‘X-Men: Last Stand’ star stretches the importance of strengthening your core is just as important as looking sculpted.

Speaking in her social media video, she said: “A strong core supports every other part of your body. If you’re performing exercises correctly, you’re always engaging your core – now, that’s a win/win!”

Halle warms up with a set Bear Crawl Bench up and Downs which involves getting on your hands and knees on a bench and slowly lifting your left and then right hand up and placing it on the bench.

This is followed by a Lateral Hop – placing both hands on the floor and jumping from side to side with your legs together – and then a set of Reverse Bear Crawl Bench up and Downs, which is the same as the original warm-up however facing away from the bench and lifting your legs.

The ‘Die Another Day’ actress continues with Hanging Oblique Crunches, bending your knees one at a time as you hang from a pull-up bar, and a Hanging Leg Lift, lifting both of your legs parallel to one another and a Hanging Knee Lift, while hanging the bar with legs dangling, bend your knees and lift them to your chest.

The final part of Halle’s ab work-out is Hanging Windshield Wipers, using your core to lift your legs into the air until your back is nearly parallel with the floor and then swinging legs to each side of the body.

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