Martha Stewart launches affordable footwear line

Martha Stewart has partnered with American discount footwear retailer Payless to create the ‘Martha Everyday collection’ of affordable footwear.

The 77-year-old lifestyle guru has partnered with American discount footwear retailer Payless to create the ‘Martha Everyday Collection’ which features various “chic” and stylish shoes, including stilettos, flats, heeled mules, and slingback heels.

The American businesswoman is “thrilled” to collaborate with the retailer and has admitted that over her illustrious .30-year spanning career, her goal has been to provide affordable fashion to her fans.

In a statement, she said: “I am thrilled to partner with Payless to design a line of footwear that’s both beautiful and affordable, for as long as I’ve been in business my goal has been to deliver well-made, beautiful products to my audience, at the right price.

“Payless has the same goal, making them a perfect partner to collaborate with to create gorgeous shoes that our customers can afford.”

All shoes in the range will cost no more than $35 and the collection will feature 12 different shoes ranging in style and colour and although most of the footwear is in black or neutral tones, Martha does offer a silver and grey glittering open toed heel for the festive season.

This isn’t Martha’s first foray in to the fashion world and last may the lifestyle expert teamed up with the television network, QVC, to create a skincare and fashion apparel line for her brand Sequential Brands Group.

Similar to her footwear line, Martha provided a collection of high quality, dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, and jackets all for under $65.

She previously said of the line: “It’s a big challenge because you have to find the right fabric; you have to find the right manufacturing. You have to find people who care about the quality.”

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