Paris Riots: 3 Things travelers need to know about travel insurance


The recent riots in Paris have led to a wave of questions and concerns from travelers with plans to visit the capital city, and many are turning to travel insurance for answers. With another riot expected this weekend, travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth, explains 3 key travel insurance takeaways travelers should know now.

1. Canceling your trip probably isn’t covered by travel insurance
The majority of insured travelers would not be covered by travel insurance to cancel or return home early from their trip to Paris due to the recent riots. Civil unrest, riots and acts of war are almost always listed as exclusions in Trip Cancellation-style travel insurance policies.

2. You may be able to cancel now if you have this upgrade
Travelers concerned about an upcoming trip to Paris may be covered to cancel their trip if they purchased the Cancel For Any Reason upgrade with their policy. Cancel For Any Reason allows travelers to cancel their trip for reasons not typically covered under a standard policy and receive up to a 75% refund.

Unfortunately, it may be too late for some travelers to get or use this benefit, depending on when they booked their trip and when they are scheduled to depart. Cancel For Any Reason must be purchased within 14-21 days after a traveler’s first trip payment and requires them to cancel 2-3 days before departing for their trip.

3. If you’re in Paris, there may be coverage to get you out
Insured travelers currently in Paris may be covered in the event they need to be evacuated due to the riots, if their policy includes Non-Medical Evacuation coverage. This benefit can pay for and coordinate your evacuation to a safer location, or home, depending on the specific policy. Before travelers can be evacuated, most providers require the local or U.S. government authorities to issue a qualifying evacuation notice.

As of November 30, the U.S. embassy has issued a Demonstration Alert for areas affected by the Paris riots. Squaremouth recommends that travelers currently in or planning to travel to Paris check their insurance policy to determine if this alert qualifies them for Non-Medical Evacuation coverage.

Squaremouth created the Paris Protests Travel Insurance Information Center to explain coverage for the strikes. This page is regularly updated by Squaremouth’s travel insurance experts and includes answers to frequently asked questions and official statements from providers.

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