How to Help Your Spouse to Love You

1. Tell your spouse when you are stuck in making a decision, your spouse will give a fresh perspective.

2. Tell your spouse what you want done to you sexually in detail. Your wish is your spouse’s command.

3. When you need a massage, lovingly ask for it and your spouse will do it.

4. When you need prayers on a matter, lovingly request your spouse to pray with and for you.

5. When you make poor financial decisions, lovingly reach out to your spouse and suggest your spouse makes decisions with you and for you.

6. When your faith is weak or you feel low, lovingly turn to your spouse for encouragement.

7. When you are bored, lovingly ask your spouse to meet up with you and spend some time.

8. When you are struggling with sin or a habit, confide in your spouse so that your spouse can be your accountability partner.

9. When you’re horny, lovingly make a sexual move on your spouse.

10. When you are struggling with an issue, confide in your spouse, do not suffer alone.

11. When you’re having a bad day, call up your spouse, come home to your safe haven where your spouse is.

12. When you’re tired or sick, request your spouse for help as you rest.

You are no longer single, you have someone in your life. This is what it means to do life together.

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