6 Ways to make guests think you’re a Holiday Wine Genius

From Thanksgiving to New Years, the holidays are a time of good cheer and celebration, a time to break bread with family and friends, to toast the good times of today and those yet to come. Learn how well-chosen wines can play a starring role in making these good times even better.

Give your audience their own personal wine guide, and a fun, informative romp— without the usual snobbery—through the wonderful world of wine. Jim Laughren, Certified Wine Educator and award-winning author, says everyone can master and enjoy wine with just a little knowledge and a few inside secrets.

In an interview, he discussed the six keys to holiday wine success:

  • The common wine mistakes every host or hostess should avoid
  • The secret to being the party planner with the best wine selections
  • How to choose the perfect wine gift for your boss or business associates
  • Why you should stop worrying about food and wine pairings
  • Where to find the world’s consistently best wine bargains
  • An inexpensive touch of elegance to end every holiday meal

For all the tips, check-out Jim’s new book 50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation (Crosstown Publishing), which can easily provide the (witty) solution for anyone who has spent too much time in the local wine shop trying to decide what to buy to please their guests, or to impress the folks on their shopping list.

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