Women love Public Display of Affection


Man, a woman loves being loved not just in private, but in public too. She looks out for those public gestures that confirm to her “Indeed, this man loves me”, public gestures such as:-

1. “Holding her arm or hand while walking”

This demonstrates you are not ashamed to be seen cozy with her.

2. “Introducing her by her title”

Don’t introduce her to friends, family or the public by just her name, but as ‘This is my woman/wife’. This makes her secure as her position in your life is made public.

3. “Telling her I love you in public”

When she tells you she loves you in public, don’t nod or just smile or say ‘Me too’.. say ‘I love you’ back. And don’t always wait for her to tell you, declare it to her publicly first sometimes. Often a woman will tell her man ‘I love you’ when they are in public or when he’s speaking to her on phone and he is with people to test if he will say ‘I love you’ just like he says in private.

4. “Kissing her in public”

Giving her a public kiss on the cheek, lips or forehead to say ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’ or for any reason says ‘I love my woman and I am not bothered if the world sees or knows it’

5. “Holding her waist while standing”

This shows closeness between you two, you know she allows only you to hold her there. 2vq4bbbf

6. “Pulling out a chair and opening the door for her”

This is for when you are out on dates, it shows you are making effort to treat her as special and the world better take notice.

7. “Putting a ring on it”

If you like it put a ring on it; correction, if you love her put a ring on her finger. An engagement ring from you is a way of telling the world ‘That’s my wife in waiting, keep off, handle with caution’.

8. “Stating that you are taken”

It is important that you clearly state it publicly that you are a taken man, act like a man who is not available. Don’t flirt around, don’t give an impression that you are free to mingle. Even on Facebook, state that you are in a relationship, engaged or married to so and so.

9. “Liking and commenting on her Facebook posts”

Each time she posts a photo of herself on social media or she posts something, it will mean a lot if you notice, more so, if you like, and especially if you drop a comment in the view of the community of Facebook friends.

10. “Putting a profile picture of her”

Put a profile picture of her or of you two together once in a while on Facebook or Whatsapp and you will see how she will feel special because the world gets to see you elevating her to honor.

11. “Marking your territory”

If another man comes to charm your woman, roar, make your presence felt, give him a look that says ‘Not this one’.

12. “Publicly protecting her”

If your family or friends or your ex tries to unsettle her, that is not for her to fight; you come to her defense and make sure she gets to see you publicly by her side.

13. “Letting her walk away from traffic”

When you two are walking, you be the one to walk closer to the passing cars. Yes, she is a grown woman, but show a gesture that you are her protector.

14. “Showing up on her special occasions”

On her birthday, her promotion party, house warming, graduation or any occasion she invites others; show up to support her and be by her side.

15. “Marrying her”

This is the greatest public display of love, you entering a covenant with her before God and the world professing your love and commitment.

16. “Wearing her ring”

The wedding ring she placed on your finger when you got married, never take it off. It is a daily public display saying you are a proud husband to a wife you love.

Love is not just what you do with her in private, it’s what you do to her and for her when others are watching!

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