Say goodbye to chipped nails

healthy nails

by Chantelle Bester

Is your nail colour not surviving past day two? Here’s how to make it go the distance without having to switch to more permanent options …


Before you start painting your nails it’s vital to prepare the nail bed. First get rid of any ridges by gently buffing the surface. Then wash your hands and nails with soapy water, and wipe your nails with an alcohol or acetone swab to remove any oil residue.

2. Patience

If you need to apply base coat and two coats of colour before you even get to the top coat, so be it. Allow each coat to dry for a few minutes before you carry on with the next one. I find 10 – 15 minutes is the magic number for me.

3. Seal it

Sealing your paint job with a top coat is vital. The best top coat I’ve used lately is Revlon Gel Envy Diamond Top Coat, R119 (pharmacies and department stores).

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