New App revolutionizes how people shop with virtual fitting room

SenseMi just announced that it has patented a new technology for Virtual Dressing and has branded it as ViuBox.

The new app enables users to try out clothes on different e-Commerce websites, and in stores, on their mobiles, with avatars personalized to their own body proportions and matched with their face as well. The groundbreaking and innovative app comes with new-age 3D personal avatars with exact body proportions and face-match of the user. Combined with three-dimensional clothes which can be tried on, the ViuBox presents new user and shopping experience like never before.

A major concern while buying clothes online is that shoppers don’t have the option to inspect or try on the items physically before purchasing. The pictures can only provide a general idea and can often be misleading. ViuBox is here to resolve this.

The app features accurate personal avatars which can be made and have clothes tried out on mobile devices and on e-Commerce websites, with 360-degree viewing. Fashion brands and e-Commerce sites can have SenseMi’s API built into their website, to have their inventory tried and accessed by users from different parts of the world. What’s more, at stores users can scan the barcode on the stock and try on the clothes on their mobile devices.

Users who visit a brand’s store or website or any e-commerce partner of SenseMi may log in to their account and try out different clothes via their avatar. As a result, brands don’t need to wait for customers to visit their shop to showcase their new item arrivals. With the help of ViuBox app, they may invite the users to try it on their mobile devices, wherever the users are located. The personal avatars, as well as the 3D design inventory, boost user experience to a whole new level.

For in-store purposes, users can try out a plethora of clothes on their customized avatars via their phone in the store. They can achieve this by scanning the barcode of the item they wish to try. All items available in the inventory of ViuBox, may be tried on.


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