Winners of the 2018 International Beauty Industry Awards announced

Winning looks by stylist Marilyn Vendittelli of Canada, makeup artist Lindi Bester of South Africa, and makeup artist Jennifer Ellis of Australia. Photos L-R by Kale Friesen, SJ van Zyl, and Derec Ethan.

The winners of the inaugural 2018 International Beauty Industry Awards (IBI Awards) were announced this week in New York City. Hundreds of hair stylists and makeup artists from countries around the world submitted their work for a chance to win the world’s first globally inclusive, online-only hair and makeup competition.

The mission of the revolutionary IBI Awards is to celebrate the people behind the brush, regardless of who they are, where they come from, who their clients are, or how many followers they have. What really matters is artistry, talent, dedication and creativity.

The categories included: Best Creative / Unconventional, Best Avant-garde Makeup, Best Character / Cosplay, Best Glitter, Best Full Face, Best Eyes, Best Before & After, Best Natural, Best Eyebrows, Best Men’s Makeup, Best Moulage / Injury, Best Overall Cut & Style, Best Multi-Tonal Color, Best Fantasy Color, Best Braid, Best Bob, Best Avant-Garde / Hair Art, Best Unconventional, Best Curled Style, Best Straight Style, Best Before & After Hair, Best Hair Artistry: Other, Non-pro Makeup Creative, Best Student Hair, Best Student Makeup, Best Bride, Best Natural Bride, Best Updo Bridal, Best TV Makeup, Best Model Shoot Makeup, Best On-Screen SFX, and Best Theatre.

In contrast to traditional hair and makeup competitions, IBI Awards candidates are judged solely on their work. IBI’s independent Judging Council is made up of industry experts who do not see any identifying information, such as names, clientele, following, sponsorships, backgrounds or the candidate’s country of origin. Submissions, judging and announcements all happen on IBI’s new innovative online platform. Candidates are not required to travel to an event, making the IBI Awards the most globally accessible award of its kind.

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