6 home improvements that will boost your love life

happy couple at home

Let’s face it, our lives are crazy. We barely have time to think about what’s for dinner never mind planning for intimacy with our partners. But here are some great tips from PositiveMed on how to make sure your home is a relaxing, intimacy-friendly environment that gets you in the mood for romance rather than spring cleaning!

1.     Jumbled junk

A visual mess translates to other messes, mental or otherwise, to those that see them. In addition, seeing it all paired with dirty dishes and bills will only put your mind into a frenzied state, not one ready for some action. Just remember that making love leads to lower blood pressure, so keeping clean and keeping sexy is a win-win.


2.     Dirty bathroom

Ever been to a potential hook up’s place only to find their bathroom is filthy? Nothing is a bigger turn off than the grime and odours that build up. Keep dirty clothes in a hamper and a bucket of potpourri on the vanity.

3.     Mood lighting

They don’t call it that for nothing. The right lighting can evoke just about any emotion. That’s why professionals are hired to light weddings. While candles and dim lights are great, if the only source you have is an overhead, harsh white, both you and your partner will only be seeing each other in the worst way.

mood lighting

4.     Sexy accessories

Ease of access is imperative for keeping the mood alive. While you might be willing to scrounge around for that condom, or naughty little number for 30 minutes, your partner might already be up and doing something better with their time. Keep them together in a bin or drawer close to the bed.

5.     Ex memories

Don’t keep gifts from exes around. All they do is keep the wound open and stop you from pursuing other, better partners. If you can’t burn them, send them off to a friend’s place or toss them in the trash. It’s time to let yourself move on.

ex memories

6.     Distractions

From TVs to iPads, the bedroom has now become a technological nightmare. Don’t let this happen. Each one, no matter how ‘cool’, is a distraction that pulls you away from intimacy. Instead of getting in the mood, you find the glow of your screen more interesting than your partner.

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