Marc Jacobs’ fiance wants fast food wedding

Marc Jacobs’s fiance wants to get married in Chipotle because he’s a huge fan of the Mexican fast food chain.

Charly ‘Char’ Defrancesco is a huge fan of the casual Mexican fast food chain and is keen to tie the knot in one of their branches, even though the 54-year-old designer has different ideas about their big days.

Char told People magazine: “Moving to New York, being from L.A., I’ve always loved Mexican food, it’s my favorite and it’s kind like a little piece of home even though it’s not authentic Mexican food.

“It’s consistent and tastes like Chipotle, no matter what Chipotle you go to…

“I know Marc really, really wants it at the Rainbow Room or the Boom Boom Room but I’d be happy getting married at Chipotle.”

The former model insists on going to Chipotle for his birthday dinner every year, even though Marc wants to take him to “fancy” places – and the couple event got engaged at a branch of the restaurant in April after watching a performance to Prince’s ‘Kiss’.

Char said: “I took him to Chipotle for the very first time, and every year for my birthday, we go to Chipotle.

“He always tries to take me somewhere fancier and we have fancy dinners all the time, but I want Chipotle.

“We went to Chipotle and first of all, I thought he got me a flash mob for my birthday and then he was down on one knee.”

And Char recalled how Marc was reduced to tears when he popped the question.

He grew emotional as he said: “Seeing him cry, thinking about it now, makes me want to cry.”

Wherever the couple end up tying the knot, they just want to have the people they love there and for everyone to have a good time.

Marc said: “We don’t want it to become bridezilla or anything like that but we do want to make it festive and a night we can all be with the people we love.”

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