How To Eliminate Boredom From Your Relationship


Marriage is for life. When you decide to stay with one person for the rest of your life, here are tips on how to prevent you from finding your spouse or your marriage boring.

1. Marry your best friend. Marry someone with whom the bond is more than romantic.

2. Marry someone who understands what you are passionate about and vice versa. Indifference will bring boredom.

3. Grow together intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Maintain the mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation.

4. Go out on dates more. No matter how long you two have been married.

5. Go on vacations together.

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6. Both of you keep making effort to look good. Change your wardrobe from time to time for visual stimulation.

7. Experiment sexually. Try new positions. Be flirty together. Get naughty even outside the bedroom.

8. Play games together. Indoor and outdoor games. Jog together. Work out together.

9. Watch movies together. Comedy, romance, action, thriller.

10. Occasionally give each other time apart to work, to hang out with friends, to do individual things. Miss each other.

11. Go for karaoke or dancing outside the home. Make funny, intimate, embarrassing memories.

12. Take photos and videos to refer to and look back to. Giving you two content to smile and laugh about.


13. Experiment on foods at home. No eating the same old foods year after year.

14. Plan parties and barbecue events at home where you call your friends and family. Being good hosts will make you two work as a team and drive monotony away.

15. Make over your bedroom or even the entire house after sometime. Keep changing your environment.

16. Do chores together. When you do things as a team, none feels over burdened, none feels disconnected.

17. Do competitive things. Support opposing football clubs or sports teams, compete in games. Compete in areas where you can keep scores and even have prizes. Winner gets some goodies.

18. Stop being uptight; have laughs, joke, sometimes tease each other in a loving way.

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