Victoria Beckham’s budget chic tips

Victoria Beckham offered her advice on how to achieve a high fashion look without splashing the cash.

The 44-year-old designer has offered her advice on how to achieve a high fashion look without splashing the cash by mixing vintage with high street.

In a video from Vogue Australia, she said: “You can mix vintage with high street just feel confident in whatever you’re wearing.”

The former Spice Girl recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of her eponymous fashion line by showing her collection at London Fashion Week for the first time – after previously holding her shows exclusively in New York City – and she admitted that she was “possibly more nervous” for that unveiling than she was when she first started.

She previously said: “I was so nervous. I get so nervous, I really do.

“You spend months and months creating the collection and I am always conscious of doing my best. I want to give my customer what she wants,

“I was very nervous because you never know what might happen. One of the girls might have fallen down the stairs or I might have fallen down! I’m just as nervous, possibly more, than I was when I first started.”

The pop star-turned-businesswoman believes she has grown with her brand, and admits it was always a risky move entering the fashion world after a career in music.

She said: “I have grown a lot, I understand my customer more now, I understand the business, but I continue to learn. I am like a sponge.

“I was a pop-star going into the fashion industry, that could have gone one of two ways. The thing that got to me was the waiting – back at that time things weren’t as instant, so you didn’t see reviews until the end of the day. You don’t get feedback for a long, long time; it is not as instant as it is now.”

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