#31Questions: Sex Quiz for Wives


Dear wife, how well do you know your husband’s sexuality. In your own privacy, answer these simple questions on your own, then answer them with your husband. You cannot fully satisfy your husband if you don’t know his sexual needs and preference

1. Is your husband a boob guy, a butt guy or both?

2. What is that one part of your body that easily turns your husband on?

3. Does your husband love to flirt with you on the phone and if so, do you engage him in the flirting?

4. What is your husband’s favorite sex position?

5. Does your husband love it when you talk dirty or he likes a neat love making session?

6. What is that one thing that your husband does to you or on you to show you he wants to make love?

7. Does your husband call it love making, sex, or the crude f**k word?

8. What is that one thing you do to your husband that will make him horny in seconds?

9. What time does your husband love to make love to you? In the morning, at night before sleeping, in the afternoon or in the middle of the night?

10. Does your husband love to kiss?

11. Does your husband love to kiss with the tongue?

12. Has your husband ever made a move on you to make love and you turned him down? Why did you do so and how did he feel?

13. How often does your husband wake up with a hard on? Not so often, often, very often?

14. Does your husband cum too quickly and have you helped him relax or delay his orgasm? Or does he take too long to cum or even struggle to cum or struggle to hold an erection and what have you done about it?

15. Do you know three of your husband’s sexual fantasies?

16. Does your husband love a hand job, a blow job, a boob penis stimulation?

17. Does your husband watch pornography? As you discourage him from lusting after foreign women, have you worked on satisfying him sexually?

18. Does your husband masturbate? As you discourage him from pleasing himself yet he has a wife, have you studied what it is he does to please himself so that you do it for him?

19. Is your husband shy, self conscious or confident about his penis? Have you assured him how much you love his size, thickness and performance? For best results, build up the confidence in your husband

20. Are there sexual things your husband desires to do to you that you should give him more space to do so. Like licking you, rubbing you, stripping you?

21. Does your husband have sensitive nipples? Besides his penis, what are your husband’s other sexual areas?

22. What is that one thing your husband loves to do after a session of love making? Kissing, pillow talking, sleeping, cuddling in silence?

23. Is there anything your husband loves you doing it to him? Do you do it often?

24. Is there anything your husband considers a turn off, anything your husband discourages you from doing; either it’s painful or not his thing?




25. Do you dress sexy for your husband?

26. Are you rigid or free? Does your husband feel you are too uptight? Does he think you see mind blowing sex as unGodly?

27. About how long does it take for your husband to be erect for another session of love making?

28. Do you touch his penis like it belongs to you? Do you mark your territory on his penis through touch and pleasure on it?

29. Has your husband ever complained about you being distracted right in the middle of love making? Have you changed this habit?

30. What does your husband say about your moaning sounds or lack of moaning sounds?

31. Does your husband love it when you initiate love making? How often do you do it?