#31Questions: Sex Quiz for Husbands


Dear husband, how well do you know your wife’s sexuality. In your own privacy, answer these simple questions on your own, then answer them with your wife. You cannot fully satisfy your wife if you don’t know her sexual needs and preference.

1. What about you does your wife find sexy? Your voice, eyes, touch, penis? Work with that

2. What part of your wife’s body is she most confident about?

3. What part of your wife’s body is she self conscious about? Do you make her feel confident about it?

4. Does your wife love to flirt with you on the phone and if so, do you engage her in the flirting?

5. What is your wife’s favorite sex position?

6. Does your wife love it when you talk dirty or she likes a neat love making session?

7. What is that one thing that your wife does to you or on you to show you she wants to make love?

8. Does your wife like it when you spank her or grab her butt? If yes, do you do it often; if no, have you stopped it?

9. Does your wife call it love making, sex, or the crude f**k word?

10. What is that one thing you do to your wife that will arouse her quickly?

11. What time does your wife love to make love to you? In the morning, at night before sleeping, in the afternoon or in the middle of the night?

12. Does your wife love to kiss? Does kissing turn her on?

13. Does your wife love to kiss with the tongue?

14. Does your wife love it when you talk to her intimately before love making, do you do so?

15. Has your wife ever made a move on you to make love and you turned her down? Why did you do so and how did she feel?

16. Does your wife orgasm once in a love making session or multiple times? Do you nicely exhaust her?

17. Does your wife orgasm too quickly and does she like it that way? Or does she take too long to orgasm or even struggle to orgasm and what have you done about it?


18. Do you know three of your wife’s sexual fantasies?

19. Does your wife watch pornography? As you discourage her from lusting after foreign men, have you worked on satisfying her sexually?

20. Does your wife masturbate? As your discourage her from pleasing herself yet she has a husband, have you studied what it is she does to please himself so that you do it for her?

21. Are there sexual things your wife desires to do to you that you should give her more space to do so. Like licking you, rubbing you, stripping you, sucking you?

22. Does your wife have sensitive nipples? Besides her vagina and clit, what are your wife’s other sexual areas?

23. Which orgasm does your wife love the most? The clit or vagina one?

24. What is that one thing your wife loves to do after a session of love making? Kissing, pillow talking, sleeping, cuddling in silence?

25. Is there anything your wife loves you doing it to her? Do you do it often?

26. Is there anything your wife considers a turn off, anything your wife discourages you from doing; either it’s painful or not her thing?

27. Does your wife feel you only use her for sex? You are only good to her when horny or do you take care of her heart even when sex is not the agenda?

28. About how long does it take for your wife to be aroused again for another session of love making?

29. When your wife is on her monthly period or pregnant what does she desire you to do?

30. Has your wife ever complained about you going too fast? Have you ever tried to slow it down?

31.Is love-making all about you or as you reach your orgasm, do you make sure she reaches hers too?

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