The Plain Truth About Real Gentlemen

*Men are more than muscle, more than ego, men also have hearts, men can love… it’s unfortunate how some think it is unmanly to be sensitive, to admit wrong, to apologize, to do good.

*Real gentlemen are not ashamed to love.

*Real gentlemen are not ashamed to say “I love you”, and when they say it, they mean it… not because they just want sex.

*Real gentlemen don’t abandon their kids or responsibility, they don’t find spending time with their kid/s to be beneath them, they mentor and guide the young.

*Real gentlemen mark their territory, that’s why they wouldn’t waste the time of a woman they claim to love but will officially make her their woman and build a future and family with her that they will protect and not destroy.

*Real gentlemen want to provide; not just physical needs but emotional support, wisdom, to be a safe haven.

*Real gentlemen even if they were raised by a not so good father or their father was absent, they learn and become better men.

*Real gentlemen are sincere, they will tell you what they can do and what they can’t do; they nurture, they build with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

*Real gentlemen are responsible for their words, their penis and they don’t beat up women.

*Real gentlemen inspire; their children, other people’s sons want to grow up to be like them; the greatest muscle they use is their mind, they think and reason… they have a heart and they use it, they love.

For there is nothing admirable in being unfaithful, in violence in selfishness whether you are a man or a woman; love knows no gender, each one has the capacity to love, some of us just choose not to.

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