Citizen Watch unveils Marvel Timepieces at New York Comic Con

This month, Citizen Watch participated for the first time at New York Comic Con. In celebration of the brand’s collaboration with Marvel, Citizen took the opportunity to unveil eight Marvel timepieces, inspired by some of Marvel’s most popular Avengers: Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Hulk.

Starting the collection, Citizen unveiled two Black Panther timepieces both including a Wakandan-inspired tribal pattern on the dials and sharp silver indexes and hands, reminiscent of the pendants on T’Challas necklace. With violet accents on the dials, strap-back and case, Citizen pays homage to the energy emitted from his suit. The timepieces are complete with custom case backs featuring an etched mask detailing and Marvel logo.

Citizen went on to admire the rich comic history of all Marvel Super Heroes with one watch featuring panel artwork on the dial with vintage comics in a navy hue. One other Avengers timepiece is specifically inspired by the unity of the heroes, as they are strongest when they work as a team. Featuring the iconic ‘A’ logo in the center of the dial in a gold hue, the piece is predominantly black with red and gold accents evocative of the character costumes. Both case backs are finished with the signature Marvel logo.

With emphasis on his spectacular web design, Citizen created two Spider-Man centric timepieces featured in his iconic red and blue colors. A chronograph version is offered in stainless steel with bracelet and with the modern Spider-Man logo placed inside one of the chronograph sub-dials. The second version is featured on a black rubber strap with the Spider-Man logo at the 12 o’clock position and a white web spread across the dial.

For Captain America, the brand paid tribute to the character with his symbolic shield and ‘A’ insignia. The strap has camouflage detailing, recalling his history as a soldier in WWII, and the inner zone of the dial is featured with a 24hr military time track.

Lastly, the Hulk’s undeniable force is highlighted on one new timepiece with a famous Hulk ‘smash’ element. The dial features oversized Arabic numerals highlighted in green, as well as a heavy Buffalo grain strap that reflects the Hulk’s larger than life character.

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