21 Things You Should Never Lose!

You should NOT:

1. Lose the best life partner you will ever have, because you were too afraid to venture into love.

2. Lose a friendship, because of a minor and petty misunderstanding.

3. Lose your marriage, because you were unfaithful or selfish.

4. Lose time, because you are a procrastinator.

5. Lose your voice and contribution in public, because you are shy and scared what the public might think.

6. Lose your temper, on someone and something that is not worth it.

7. Lose your dignity, because you lowered your standards in order to fit in.

8. Lose your sense of direction, because you bowed down to peer pressure.

9. Lose your health, because of a destructive habit you knew was not good for you.

10. Lose your child, because you were irresponsible.

11. Lose your dreams, because the road to your dreams had hurdles but you gave up too quickly.

12. Lose your vision of a better future, because you are still caught up in the past.

13. Lose an amazing relationship, because you were too proud to say sorry or to forgive, too caught up picking up fights.

14. Lose your sleep, because of the end of a relationship that was toxic.

15. Lose your peace, yet God is on your side and will take care of it.

16. Lose your faith in love, because the people you have been choosing to love were wrong choices.

17. Lose your uniqueness, because the world tells you what is so unique about you is not good enough.

18. Lose your relationship with God, because you thought you can do without your Creator.

19. Lose yourself, because you are always trying to make everyone happy as they use you that you forget about yourself and the purpose in life that only you were born to do.

20. Lose love, because you choose to be on the side of hate and bitterness.

21. Lose your worth, because you listen to the negative words people say about you and you beat yourself up for mistakes you did.

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