#CarNews: Renault taps into the future at 2018 Paris Motor Show

By Trevor Lamenya

Iconic French car maker Renault brought out its best attire at the just concluded the Paris Motor Show.

The car maker showcased three key futuristic concepts (EZ-ULTIMO, EZ-PRO and EZ-GO), which illustrated Renault’s vision of sustainable and shared mobility.


Following EZ-GO, with its vision of shared mobility, and EZ-PRO, a vehicle robot dedicated to last mile delivery, EZ-ULTIMO is the third concept from the same modular platform. Inspired by the ambition to offer sustainable mobility for all, this trilogy of electric, autonomous and connected concepts illustrates Renault’s vision of tomorrow’s shared urban mobility.


The EZ-ULTIMO concept opens-up new era for Renault design. Because it’s a robot-vehicle, the passenger can truly enjoy the journey in a space designed like a personal lounge, equipped with all the comfort and services needed to either relax or concentrate.

Through its design, EZ-ULTIMO embodies the EASY LIFE genes of the Renault brand. The cabin design is welcoming and spacious it offers a wide automatic opening and a seat on a swiveling slide for easy passenger access. For an intimate journey, passengers are protected from outside view by slightly transparent facets on the upper part of the bodywork. The refined interior of EZ-ULTIMO reflects French elegance and is inspired by the world of living. Tailor-made, it is dressed in noble materials such as wood, marble and leather, allowing passengers to enjoy a top-of-the-range and relaxing living space.

Equipped with level 4 autonomous driving technology, EZ-ULTIMO covers a wide range of use cases. This robot-vehicle is connected to infrastructures, can adapt to an urban environment, to the motorway or to a shuttle service on dedicated roads.

EZ-GO, EZ-PRO and EZ-ULTIMO are models that give Renault the opportunity to reinvent travel time, and offer a mobility experience that has been designed for everybody.



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