7 Skinny lunch ideas

healthy lunch

Beat the temptation to grab a fattening snack from the vending machine or order an instant take-away meal by packing a nutritious and slimming lunch box.

Here are a few healthy lunches and snacks that will keep you energised and help you meet your weight loss goals:

  1. Use high-fibre seeded or rye bread instead of white bread
  2. Spread slices of bread with low-fat hummus or cottage cheese instead of cream cheese or mayonnaise
  3. Flavour low-fat plain yoghurt with honey and/or chopped fruit instead of eating artificially flavoured yoghurt
  4. Pack fresh home-made popcorn instead of crisps
  5. Fresh fruits and slices of cucumber, carrot, whole cocktail tomatoes and celery sticks make great snacks
  6. Bake low-fat health muffins for office parties, rather than eating pastries, biscuits or cake
  7. Unsulfured dried fruit/raisins, raw nuts/seeds, and biltong are fuss-free substitutes for unhealthy snacks

Something sweet

If you have a sweet tooth, Weigh-Less has created the Break-Out range of treats which you could occasionally incorporate in your lunch box:

  • Beacon Slim Slab (Original, Cranberry, Honey and Rooibos and Coconut) – 1 bar (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Barbeque Beef Snacks – one packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Butterscotch Sweets – one packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes – two rice cakes
  • Weigh-Less Fat Free Nougat – two portions (30g)
  • Weigh-Less Instant Mousse (chocolate/ choc mint) – 110ml prepared
  • Weigh-Less Jelly Bears – one packet (20g)
  • Weigh-Less Yoghurt Coated Rice Cakes – two rice cakes
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