The good and bad about dairy products


by Lyndy Mansfield

You will gain weight if you eat dairy products. This is not true. Like anything else, too much is not a good thing, so moderation is what you need. Some research says that in fact, a few small servings of dairy products daily can lead to weight loss.

*Lactose intolerance. Investigate. Not all dairy products are banned from your diet. In fact, yoghurt and natural aged cheeses, like cheddar, Swiss and parmesan are usually fine. The higher the fat in dairy produce, the lower the lactose.

*Calcium. We all know we need calcium in our diets. Supplements can be harmful. Natural calcium providers need not be cow’s milk. There are dozens of non dairy products that will give you ample calcium – leafy greens, beans, tofu (I have never tasted this, have you?), oranges and nuts, especially almonds, are good alternatives.


*Milk causes blocked noses and asthma attacks. Nonsense! This is an old wives’ tale. There is no scientific proof of this. But… some people who are allergic to milk will show symptoms that are like asthma.

*Raw milk is better for you. Not true, according to researchers. Raw milk consumers can develop severe E. coli effects. Rather stick to pasteurized, which has a much healthier track record.



Source: Katie Waldeck (Freelance writer for care2)

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