#Gadgets: New game Puzzle Wall announced for Nintendo Switch

International video game publisher Rainy Frog (with head offices in Kanagawa-ken, Japan) announces that Puzzle Wall will launch on October 25, 2018, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Puzzle Wall will be available to buy via the eShop.

Choose from of one of 5 adorable animals characters, controlling the movement of their arms with motion controls by moving the Joy-Con™ controllers. Each wall has a gap cut out in a different animal shape. Players hold a Joy-Con™ in each hand and move their arms to match the shape and slip through the gap as the wall approaches. Energy is lost every time the wall is hit and once all energy is lost the character will fall into the green slime. Players move their arms to match a pose and slip through oncoming walls.

Choose from four types of games including high speed walls, remembering a sequence of walls in advance and back-to-front controls like a mirror. Three different game modes are included for one, two three or four players.

Challenge Mode is a single player challenge for the best score, while players can go head-to-head in 2P versus mode. Lastly, in Arms & Legs mode 1-4 players control the movement of the left or right arm, or the left or right leg with a single Joy-Con™. Each time the round finishes the limb each player controls changes randomly.

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