Reasons Your Man Struggles to Talk to You

couple fighting

1. “You complain more than you compliment”

It is difficult for a man to enjoy talking with a woman who has nothing good to say, a woman who is constantly saying “You can’t do anything right”, “You are late”, “You are difficult”. In as much as you want to let him know when he does wrong, learn to praise him and appreciate him more.

2. “You constantly make it about you”

This keeps him from enjoying conversations with you since you turn everything to be about you, what you want, what you can’t accept and what pleases only you.

3. “You whine a lot”

If you have a negative tendency of stating how life is unfair to you, how you are always the victim, everyone is always wrong and you are always right; that is a major turn off.

4. “You disclose his secrets”

When you tell your sisters, mom, friends about sensitive matters between you and him, he will keep things from you.


5. “You jump into conclusions”

Your husband wants to share things with you, his finances, his time with his friends even when other women attempt to get him knowing well he is taken. But if you are quick to conclude he is cheating, dishonest or suspicious; he won’t bother.

6. “You respect the Pastor more”

Many wives elevate their Pastor above their husband. Whatever the Pastor says is right, the Pastor gets better treatment than the husband, the Pastor knows the secrets of the marriage and directs the marriage from outside. When your husband sees that to you your Pastor comes first, he will withdraw.

7. “You judge him”

If you are quick to label your man as lazy, weak, not man enough, immature, difficult instead of understanding him, he will quite down and choose not to be free, open and trusting with you. He will not feel safe to confide in you.

8. “Your tone and facial expression”

If your tone speaks of condemnation and disrespect, and your facial expression shows you are ready to go to war, he will feel unwelcome in your space and keep to himself.


9. “You belittle him”

If you rarely appreciate his efforts, he will let you protect himself from you.

10. “You admire other men”

If you keep telling him why he can’t be like other men and praise other men above him, he will see no need to tell you stuff.

11. “You use his words against him”

A man will not give you the ammunition to bring him down. He will share as less with you as possible if you are a record keeper of his wrongs and dangerous with his weaknesses.

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