How Being Unfaithful to Your Partner Damages You

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Most of the time the effect of unfaithfulness is focused on the one being cheated on, today, let’s look at the negative effect it has on the one who cheats.

1. “It makes you defensive”

Suddenly you feel everyone is out to get you. You became easily irritable out of fear you are about to get caught.

2. “It makes you lack peace”

You will change into an angry, restless person.

3. “It will open doors to more sinning”

Because you are OK with cheating, gradually you’ll be OK with lying, stealing, being selfish, insulting even being violent.

4. “It will ruin your relationship with God”

You cannot confidently approach God knowing you are living in sin.

5. “Your character will be damaged”

Somehow you will not be the honorable person you used to be. You will go to places that embrace your wrong doing.

6. “It will ruin your moral compass”

Somehow, you won’t have the guts to stand up for what is right. That will be hypocritical.


7. “It will ruin your reputation”

Eventually, your affair will come out in the open. You will tarnish your record and legacy. Look at Bill Clinton, despite all the good he did as President, to date he is known as the President who had an affair.

8. “It might mess up your career”

When your reputation is ruined you might miss out on business deals or even get fired at work if the affair was with a fellow colleague.

9. “It ruins your parenthood”

Unfaithfulness tarnishes your heart yet children respond to purity. You might struggle facing your children. Children pick up infidelity.

10. “It distracts you and wastes your time”

Suddenly you won’t have time for what is important in your life: Your family, your marriage, your vision, your service to the community.

11. “It wastes your money”

Much of your hard earned money you will throw at experiences and someone that you hide and won’t last.

12. “It isolates you”

You will push away the people who would add value in your life because you don’t want to be confronted.

Save yourself the trouble. Don’t cheat!

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