Djimon Hounsou cast in the Charlie’s Angels reboot

Djimon Hounsou has been added to the star-studded cast of the much-anticipated ‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot.

The 54-year-old actor – who previously starred as Cinque in the Steven Spielberg film ‘Amistad’ – has joined the likes of Elizabeth Banks and Sir Patrick Stewart as one of the film’s multiple Bosleys.

The character was previously the face of the never-seen Charlie Townsend, the owner of a detective agency.

Elizabeth, 44, is also helming the reboot, with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska set to play the iconic Angels.

She is working with a script written by Jay Basu and Banks, based on earlier drafts by Craig Mazin and Semi Chellas, according to Variety.

The upcoming movie will centre on the next generation of Angels and is scheduled for release in September next year.

In August, Kristen revealed she had started boxing to ensure she is in the best possible shape to shoot the movie.

She said: “I have been boxing a bit, which I have never done. I am so addicted to it. As soon as I have to actually start sparring though, I realise what I am doing is intended to fight people. I am like, it really is assaulting and I really hate it.

“But all I am doing lately is talking to Liz, and can’t wait to meet the other girls and I leave on Sunday … gonna start doing more fight training, getting more aggressive quite soon.”

The hit TV series spawned a 2000 action-comedy film ‘Charlie’s Angels’, which saw Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu play the titular trio. They also returned for sequel ‘Full Throttle’ three years later.

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