The 17 Different Parts Of An Affair


1. The highest part of an affair is orgasm. All the flirting and chats, secret meetings led to this; an orgasm.

2. The lowest part of an affair is when the orgasm cools down and you lie there naked with the person you are cheating with asking “What am I doing?”

3. The most honest part is when it actually hits you as you go home, an orgasm is just an orgasm. The same orgasm you get at home, is just like the one in the affair; only that the one at home with your partner/spouse comes with love and a future.

4. The most fake part of an affair is when you pretend with the person you are cheating with that what you two did and have was amazing, you smile, maybe even plan another hook up.

5. The most painful part is when you go home to your family or your partner and you feel ashamed “Why am I hurting the ones I love?”

6. The most heartbreaking part is when your partner/spouse has no idea and still thinks you are so loving, when your child/children are clueless, they hug and kiss you when you come home, joke with you, laugh.

7. The most foolish part is when you still continue with the affair, you meet even more with the one you cheat with, you started this and the ties are strong, the affair deepens.

8. The most disappointing part is when you start spending less time with family, you miss out on important moments of your child/children, your partner/spouse begins to complain, your partner/spouse feels let down because you are ever busy, the affair distracts you.

9. The most shocking part is when you begin to justify the affair to yourself, lies give birth to more lies. Your partner/spouse knows something is wrong, your partner/spouse suspects you.

10. The most scary part is when you become defensive. You shout at your partner/spouse when confronted, you become hostile to your child/children, you cut off friends who ask you to change, you ignore the voice of reason in you.

11. The most stinging part is when you see how stressed your partner/spouse has become. His/her face has grown bitter and tired because of you. He/she invested everything in you, believed in you; and this is what you do?

12. The most empty part is when you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself anymore. All those many empty orgasms in the affair make you feel lost. You hate the person you’ve become but your pride won’t let you accept it. Your conscience is numb, you have strayed far from God.

13. The most evil part is when you tell yourself that you are entitled to pleasure and fun. You are a grown up and people should leave you alone, you know how to make good choices and you choose to be in the affair, you actually don’t call it an affair, you call it love, best love.

14. The saddest part is when your partner/spouse gives up on you, when he/she lets you do what you want. You are no longer confronted, your child/children call you a cheat and failure, they are aware dad/mum is the reason things are not OK.

15. The toughest part is losing your partner, your spouse leaves you, the relationship/marriage ends because of your affair. Your child/children get used to life without you.

16. The most threatening part is when problems emerge in your affair, the affair gets boring. You get dumped, the person you are cheating with cheats on you or finds another. You are not marriage material for someone who has been cheating with you because you have proved unfaithful. The affair gives birth to a baby. Things get messy and you want out. The affair has hit rock bottom, it wasn’t meant to last, it was only fueled by lust.

17. The most regrettable part is when you come to your senses only to realize you have lost your true love, your marriage and have failed and alienated yourself from your child/children. All because of the highest part of an affair, was it worth it?

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