14 Things To Do For Your Pregnant Wife

trying to fall pregnant

1. “Keep her from worry”

The state of your unborn child depends on the state of your wife. Stressing a pregnant woman should be avoided. Make her smile more, make sure she is covered from anxiety and worry.

2. “Tell her she is beautiful”

Pregnancy has made her body change, she most likely has stretch marks, she’s grown bigger in such a short time. As her man, help her to feel beautiful. Praise her beauty. Touch her lovingly. Compliment her. Desire her. Make her feel wanted and still the only apple of your eye.

3. “Understand her mood swings”

In case you find her irrational, easily irritable, erratic or insensitive than her usual self; understand her. Many women have raging hormones when pregnant. All she needs is your affection. Calm her with loving words, a smile, a hug, kisses and cuddles. She is carrying your child.

4. “Feed her”

As a pregnant woman, she will need to eat a lot. Find out what she craves for and make sure she gets plenty to eat. Feeding her is feeding your child. Make her process of eating pleasurable.

5. “Make love to her”

Just because she is expectant doesn’t mean she is not sexually aroused. In fact, many pregnant women are frequently horny. Make her feel sexy. Attend to her sexual needs. As a man, you do want some good sexual experiences too.

6. “Pamper her”

Massage her, write her loving notes, date her even as your wife, shower her with affection. A happy wife makes a happy mother.

7. “Be faithful”

Many men abandon their women when pregnant claiming a pregnant woman isn’t all that. Don’t be foolish, leaving the one you’ve impregnated for temporary thrills with someone you are not building a future with. The greatest gift to your pregnant wife is to show her that she can trust you, she is not alone.

8. “Pray for her”

God is the giver of life. A miracle is happening in your wife’s body. Pray for your family.

9. “Plan the future”

Look ahead. Be involved. Agree with your wife what to call the unborn child, how life will be once the baby is born, agree on how to parent, many marriages get negatively affected by the coming in of a child because they do not plan and prepare.

10. “Take walks with her”

She needs the exercise. Go for walks, hold hands, go shopping with her. Show her you enjoy her company. She will glow.

11. “Talk with her”

She wants to share her experiences and feelings with the father of her child. The baby kicking, the struggles of weight, back pains, her concerns if the baby is growing right, her exciting joys; be available to hear her out and to also tell her your thoughts as a father.

12. “Record memories”

Take photos and record videos. Document the experiences, you will never relive this moment again. You will need this in future.

13. “Monitor her health”

You love her. She is one with you. Whatever affects her affects you too. Pay attention to her well being. Go to the clinic with her.

14. “Check up on her”

When you’re far from her, call her up, see if she is OK, cheer her up, ask if she has eaten, let her know she can reach you easily, chat with her. One of the best ways to be a father, is to be a good husband.

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