The Two Types of Men Women Should be Aware of

1. One man will tell you “I love you” because he wants to sleep with you and then he’s on to the next; another man will tell you “I love you” because he means it and needs you in his today and future.

2. One man will make only you feel special; another man will make you and several other women feel special and keep you ladies from finding each other out.

3. One man will take a while before committing to you because he wants you and him to be sure you are meant to be; another man will take a while because he is not serious and is wasting your time.

4. One man will be a mama’s boy, controlled by his mother; another man will respect and love his mother but be his own man.

5. One man will be full of pride and will talk to you with a demeaning tone; another man will be proud to be your man.

6. One man will truly be a man after God’s own heart, with a personal relationship with God; another one will pretend to be Godly in order to win your heart because he knows you want a Godly man, the real him will be revealed once he gets you.

7. One man will be stingy with his money and not spend it on you or your future; another man will be economical, choosing not to waste money on luxury and expensive dates because he is investing in your joint future.

8. One man will keep you a secret, hiding you from the public and his friends and family; another man will make it known to the public you are his and he will keep your secrets safe and your issues private.

9. One man will seek to judge you and will destroy your self esteem; another one will seek to understand you and will boost your confidence and self esteem.

10. One man will come into your life to derail you, distract you, waste you, stress you and will suppress your dreams; another one will come into your life to inspire you, keep you focused, build you, give you peace and help you achieve your dreams and purpose.

11. One man will come to hurt you through sex and unfaithfulness; another man will come to give you a marriage of great sex, and the fulfillment of faithfulness.

12. One man will come to mislead you with lies; another will come to mould you with the truth no matter how tough.

13. One man will come to hear you out, reason with you and seek your advice; another man will come to silence your voice, over power you and ignore you.

14. One man will come in the name of lust; another man will come in the name of love.

15. One man will be a temporary mistake that will leave a lasting wound; another will be a permanent blessing that will impact your life for good.

May you be able to discern well.

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  1. Avatar Gathii March 13th, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    That’s the way to go. If you were in their countries, you would been long deported or jailed. Let the same treatment be meted out to them.

    1. Avatar Sam Humble African March 13th, 2013 at 2:02 pm

      No, the next one or 2 months are still critical & they need to mirror our society. Unless you are suffering from guilt-conscience you need not fear them. After all, they will be reporting to their bosses “nothing to report here”. Remember it is the kicking out of agents from Bomas that raised suspicions of this election’s credibility. Open & Transparent societies don’t harass the media.

      1. Avatar Gathii March 13th, 2013 at 6:35 pm

        So we should open up our borders to all manner of immigrants because some loser has gone to the Supreme Court? What an idiotic argument!
        Requirements for work permits for foreigners have not been relaxed and should apply to all foreigners working in Kenya.

      2. Avatar Duncan Muchina March 13th, 2013 at 8:06 pm

        All agents were kicked out both Cord’s and TNA’s for making tallying impossible. They were yelling after every announcement without any facts driven by pure raw emotions just like the petition issue. Transparency does not mean anyone coming to your country and not respecting your laws. If journalists must be accredited, then there’s no exception. They must tow the line.

  2. Avatar Choga March 13th, 2013 at 2:22 pm


  3. Avatar kenny mahu March 13th, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    I think it is about time Kenya posted it’s own journalist abroad to cover international issues instead of bogus western journalist who comes to Africa with only a camera and no educational background. How can one explain why there is nothing positive to tell about Kenya in news from BBC, CNN or The Times etc? Kenya is not North Korea or Gambia where there are no elections or opposition and yet Gambia is considered a safe tourist country by the US. I think move by the director of information in Kenya to put his house in order is well due so that Kenyans can have controll of all these bogus journalist who’s aim is to soil our beautiful, peace loving country’s name.

  4. Avatar mazzdark March 13th, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    Right back to the Moi and KANU era

  5. Avatar NVM March 13th, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    I have tried to read our laws and last I checked, the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act makes it a crime for anyone to come into the country and work without a work permit. Certain professions require accreditation from various government bodies in order to be cleared to work in Kenya because…well…its illegal to be working in other peoples countries without papers. I think that is an internationally accepted requirement. However, I will still check because we are now making something legislated in Kenya (and all other nations) a political thing.
    Let’s see some examples – no foreigner can work in an NGO without accreditation and clearance by the NGO Board. No person can work in the mining/oil and gas industry without accreditation from the Ministry of Mining and Geology. No foreigner can work as an engineer without accreditation from the Engineers Board. No doctor can work in Kenya without clearance from the medics board. No investor can invest in Kenya without meeting the qualifications set in the Investment Promotions Act. All professionals require this accreditation from the relevant government body. The Immigration Service cannot grant work permits without these clearances. The reason for accreditation is for 1. the foreigner should benefit the Kenyan people, bring foreign investment and contribute positively to our culture and 2. the state has to protect Kenyans from having all their jobs taken when a perfectly qualified Kenyan can do the same job.
    The Ministry of Information will require accreditation because that’s what its supposed to do. We have so many foreigners coming into the country in tourist visas and working on that tourist visa which is wrong. Kenya has always been open to foreigners but if they are here illegally what do you do if not invoke the law on them?


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