The Two Types of Men Women Should be Aware of

1. One man will tell you “I love you” because he wants to sleep with you and then he’s on to the next; another man will tell you “I love you” because he means it and needs you in his today and future.

2. One man will make only you feel special; another man will make you and several other women feel special and keep you ladies from finding each other out.

3. One man will take a while before committing to you because he wants you and him to be sure you are meant to be; another man will take a while because he is not serious and is wasting your time.

4. One man will be a mama’s boy, controlled by his mother; another man will respect and love his mother but be his own man.

5. One man will be full of pride and will talk to you with a demeaning tone; another man will be proud to be your man.

6. One man will truly be a man after God’s own heart, with a personal relationship with God; another one will pretend to be Godly in order to win your heart because he knows you want a Godly man, the real him will be revealed once he gets you.

7. One man will be stingy with his money and not spend it on you or your future; another man will be economical, choosing not to waste money on luxury and expensive dates because he is investing in your joint future.

8. One man will keep you a secret, hiding you from the public and his friends and family; another man will make it known to the public you are his and he will keep your secrets safe and your issues private.

9. One man will seek to judge you and will destroy your self esteem; another one will seek to understand you and will boost your confidence and self esteem.

10. One man will come into your life to derail you, distract you, waste you, stress you and will suppress your dreams; another one will come into your life to inspire you, keep you focused, build you, give you peace and help you achieve your dreams and purpose.

11. One man will come to hurt you through sex and unfaithfulness; another man will come to give you a marriage of great sex, and the fulfillment of faithfulness.

12. One man will come to mislead you with lies; another will come to mould you with the truth no matter how tough.

13. One man will come to hear you out, reason with you and seek your advice; another man will come to silence your voice, over power you and ignore you.

14. One man will come in the name of lust; another man will come in the name of love.

15. One man will be a temporary mistake that will leave a lasting wound; another will be a permanent blessing that will impact your life for good.

May you be able to discern well.

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