11 Misconceptions About Being Sexy

1. “Big boobs and a big butt are what make a woman sexy”

Many women wish they had a bigger butt or boobs to add to their sex appeal, they fill up their bras and underwear with plastics, get implants to give a false impression of bigger assets. They depend on a wonder bra and do too much popping of their behind to look bigger. In the past, the desire was to look slimmer, but today it is to be big in assets. But woman, sexiness is not the frame of your body but how you carry that frame whether big or small. Sexiness oozes out of any woman who is confident in her natural body.

2. “A man must be tall, built up like a wrestler and rich to be sexy”

The sexiness of a man is the vibe he gives out. A man may be not so tall but turn on a woman crazy, he may have a small or lean body size but still drown a woman in desire, he may not be filthy rich but still excite a woman in a way no other man can. To turn on a woman, turn on her heart and emotions.

3. “Virgins are inexperienced”

You don’t study to be sexy. You don’t have many casual sex experiences as a form of school to teach you how to be sexy. A virgin is one out of choice, keeping himself/herself for the right one. And when the virgin finds the right one, all that sexiness bottled up inside will explode, doing things guided by natural desire. Sexiness is inborn, it is innate, your body is sexually configured.

4. “Sexiness is unGodly”

Your nudity, body, hormones, sensuality, sex appeal and arousal power is God-given. Many have abused it and the pain and emptiness it has caused has made many brand it as evil and a taboo. But evil will not steal the credit for something so beautiful and special. God gave you your sexiness, embrace it, thank God and be responsible with it.

5. “You must talk dirty to be sexy”

In a generation filled with pornography and trashy-talking blockbuster movies, many feel talking dirty is equal to sexiness. But decency is a higher level of sexy, many get turned on by deep talk; respect and mental stimulation is incredible. Words of love and affection pushes the right buttons especially to a mature person looking for something real and lasting. Put down the curse words and loose talk and you’ll experience a higher form of intimacy.

6. “Flirting is not cheating”

Are you married/ in a relationship but flirting with others and you make excuses saying no harm done as long as you don’t actually physically sleep with them? Emotionally, you are cheating. You are having fantasies of others that belong to your spouse/lover. You are collaborating with outsiders in corrupting your sexiness and stealing it yet it belongs exclusively, purely and solely to your spouse/partner.

7. “You must dress less to be sexy”

There is a difference between dressing trashy and sexy. You don’t have to show all skin, look like a tramp to win sexy points. Boys looking for cheap sex will blow whistles for you and the whistles will end as soon as they sleep with you. But men looking for a sexy and grown woman will look and let you go to the cheap hungry boys… Leave room for imagination, tease a little. Dress in a way that men will want to know more than your body but who you are as a woman. Dress in a way that you will not just win sexy points but also respect. True style never shouts.

8. “Apologize for being too sexy”

Are you being you and yet people are telling you to tone down your sexiness? Is your voice, body, laugh, are your eyes, lips naturally sexually appealing? Don’t apologize for being sexy just because others have a low self-esteem, are jealous or too shy to embrace their own sexiness. You can’t live life hiding and being ashamed of your good just because others have issues. Sometimes even when you are not attempting to be sexy and wearing something so simple, others will find you sexy.

9. “Copy-paste sexiness”

You cannot duplicate sexiness. Be you, not a replica of a sexy icon, a magazine article or a figment of other’s imagination. Find your sexiness, you are so sexy.

10 “You will get bored of your spouse’s sexiness”

Many are having affairs saying they no longer find their spouse sexy. You cannot find someone you resent sexy; the moment you begin to resent your spouse, that’s when your spouse will no longer be sexy to you. Sexiness is tied to love and attitude. Yes, the body ages and grows; but it is possible to find that one person sexy all your life because of the position that person holds in your heart.

11. “Being sexy is enough”

Being sexy is not enough, you need to bring out the sexiness in your partner. When someone is looking for a spouse, they not only look for someone who appears sexy but someone who also connects with their sexiness. Yes, you might have a spouse who has a great body, dresses well, looks good; but doesn’t bring out your own sexiness, pouring cold water on your sexiness instead by being cold, detached, rigid and filled with pride… Yes, you have a sexy spouse; but does that sexy spouse bring out the sexy in you?

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