What many people don’t understand about LOVE

couple fighting

My love…

1. There will be times I will be so mad at you and cold towards you. It’s not that I hate you. I am just disappointed by what you did, my love hasn’t gone any where.

2. There will be times I will not spend as much time with you as you wish me to. It’s not that I am ignoring you, I am working hard for our future.

3. There will be times I will say or do something wrong. It’s not that I meant to hurt you, we all fall short sometimes. Forgive me, teach me to love you.

4. There will be friends in my life. But never doubt that you are my first priority.

5. There will be moments I will not be that conversational, I will not be so fun to talk with. It’s not that I find you boring. My mood has changed, I need some minutes to myself, I will come around.

6. There will be moments where I want to scream at you and say all that is in my head in anger. It’s not that you are my enemy, but sometimes you get on my nerves. I will control my temper and my tongue, you’re still the one that I love.

7. There will be moments where you want sex but I will not be up to it. It’s not that I don’t find you sexy anymore or I am cheating on you. I am just tired, allow me to rest and I will sex you good when I am refreshed. I love the sex in our marriage.

8. There will be wonderful people of the opposite gender at work and in public, they dress well and are successful; some of them more successful than you. It doesn’t mean I will abandon you and chase after them.

9. There will be moments where I will be tough on you. It’s not that I am trying to change you or treat you like a baby. I am only challenging you to be better because I know your potential.

10. There will be moments where I forget things, special dates or a duty I said I will do. It’s not that I am taking you for granted, sometimes in this busy life, the mind forgets.

11. There will be days when things between us will get so tough and we might seem like we are falling apart. It’s not that I am letting go, it’s just a passing storm. Don’t ever doubt my love.

Life has ups and downs, no day is the same. But love, love is constant.

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