YAY or NAY for Turkish Airlines’ latest uniform?


Have you peeped the new Turkish Airlines flight attendants’ uniform? Well, they recently posted the new fits on their Instagram page and it’s all because they are celebrating 85 years of elegance.

The new fits are reminiscent of the 30’s + 60’s fashion what with the hand gloves, long pea coats and belted, fitted shift dresses which immediately bring Jackie O to mind.

Turkish Airlines have always been known for their more conservative uniforms, but we think the red color and the headgear (which we are absolutely crushing on) make the outfits stand out. This new uniform gives off a rich, stylish, elegant vibe but still maintains the conservativeness, so we are a bit on the fence as to whether the new uniform is a win or not.

Take a look! What do you think? Are you liking the pantsuit or the skirtsuit? Are the new uniforms  YAYs or  NAYs compared to their past uniforms?



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