3 Makeup tips from MAC Cosmetics’ Marco Louis

Drawing inspiration from 2018 runways, makeup trends are constantly evolving.

In a recent exclusive MAC Masterclass held at the makeup giant’s newest retail space at the Hilton Arcade in Nairobi, Kenya, Senior Artist for Africa, Marco Louis Ackers, shared about the latest trends.

Three notable trends are as follows:


“Your skin should look healthy…almost to the point of too healthy!” Marco Louis shared. Dewy, glowing and flushed is the look to strive for. Super cut contouring is losing its prominence and looking natural is totally the thing right now.


Clearly defined lips are not a must. The whole thing is to look more natural; a softer outline will give the lips a supple appeal.


Rather than a classic cat eye with the wing or a flick, a blunt line that pulls-out elongates the eye. This look will give your entire look more of an edgier appeal.


MAC Cosmetics is one of the world’s most inclusive makeup brands. With its recent extension of their Studio Fix Collection, more women will be able to find their exact shade.

The iconic foundation collection now has an unprecedented 64 shades of Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15, and has also expanded their Correct Palette and MAC Studio Fix Conceal options.

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