The price of cheating on your spouse


So, you find your marriage boring, you are mad at your spouse, you want to cheat or maybe you are cheating already. As you cheat, you are not only hurting your spouse, you are damaging so many people…

1. You are lowering yourself and character. You choose to break the same marriage you vowed to. You are stooping low.

2. You are hurting your spouse by being selfish. Unfaithfulness has no excuse.

3. If you are a man, you are teaching your son not to be a man of character, teaching him to dishonor marriage; you are teaching your daughter not to trust men, you should have been the best teacher to show your daughter who a good man is. If you are a woman, you are teaching your son not to believe in women; you are teaching your daughter not to respect herself and her womanhood.

4. You bring disgrace to your parents. Is this what your parents raised you to be, an unfaithful adult?

5. You bring shame to the parents of your spouse. They should have known better than to give their son/daughter to an unfaithful adult.

6. You give the world one more reason to judge that good men/women no longer exist, that marriage doesn’t work.

7. You are affecting the lives that benefit from your spouse’s hard work by stressing your spouse with the pain of infidelity

8. You are letting down all the friends who believed in you and stood by your marriage

9. You are mocking God and telling God you don’t care about your vows and God’s design for marriage and family. You have chosen to rebel

So the next time you think of cheating, if ever you think of cheating, remember that your actions has many implications. As you chase after that affair with that one person who is not good for you, remember your selfish actions of getting in between an outsider’s legs affects the many people in your life.

That spouse you are cheating on or are about to cheat on, is God’s child, someone’s daughter/son, someone’s parent, someone’s in-law, someone’s brother/sister, someone’s friend, someone’s work colleague, someone’s source of hope in marriage. By hurting your spouse, you are hurting them all.

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