What you wear can impact your mood on vacations: Study


Travel and fashion are a perfect match with almost half of all global travelers agreeing that looking their best while on vacation is important. Whether functional or fashionable, a vacation wardrobe is a big part of any trip, from planning and packing to the actual vacation experience itself.

New global research from Booking.com, the global leader in connecting people with the most incredible places to stay, reveals how style can impact our mood and confidence while on vacation. Research conducted by the company across 21,500 global travelers from 29 countries uncovers how fashion influences travel and confidence and impacts style choices while on vacation and beyond.


Over half of global travelers (57%) pay close attention to their appearance every single day, but two out of five (39%) actually care more about their physical appearance while on vacation than when at home. Almost two fifths (38%) of global travelers feel more confident while on vacation than at home and almost half agree that looking their best while on vacation is important (48%) – with two in five dressing their best for vacation photos that are sure to make their way to social media (43%). Vacation wardrobes have a significant part to play with four out of ten global travelers citing their travel wardrobe as the secret to vacation confidence (39%), so much so that the effects of vacation style last much longer than the trip itself. Almost half of global travelers (47%) have felt inspired to make changes to their own personal style after being on vacation.

And a little healthy competition can be a driver to dressing better as almost a third (30%) of travelers have a desire to dress better than their companions on vacation, which may influence what they take along with them.


A vacation is a new adventure – a chance for a new beginning and to create a new narrative for oneself. It’s natural that most travelers will get experimental with their style. Perhaps the new environment will allow you to be bold and adventurous with prints, textures, and accessories. Or maybe it’s the destination’s climate that will force you to try something new. And, being surrounded by a different culture may also challenge you to wear something that you would not normally wear at home.

My advice is: Whatever your travel style is, be adventurous!

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