What Makes A Kiss Special?



1. When the person kissing you kisses no one else but you. Your lips are not to be shared.

2. When the kiss is followed by the special words “I love you”. Love is the reason for the kiss.

3. When the person kissing you treats you well. The kisses are sweetest when your heart is taken care of.

4. When the kiss is unexpected and unplanned. You are in the middle of a conversation and get kissed, or he/she creeps from behind and plants a kiss on you.

5. When you’re kissed back. It is possible to kiss your partner but feel like he/she is not engaged. One-sided kisses are heartbreaking.

6. When you get kissed not just when sex is the agenda.

7. When your spouse/partner knows the right place to touch while kissing you and with the right pressure; either your face, neck, back, waist or fingers.

8. When you are kissed for long, no rush.

9. When you are kissed often. You know your partner is addicted to your lips and longs for your kisses.

10. When each time you tongue kiss, it is not messy.

11. When the kiss is playful. Your partner gently bites your lower lip, then your upper. Then he/she relaxes and you do something adventurous. There is a rhythm.

12. When loving words are exchanged in between kisses.

13. When you are kissed for no special occasion.

14. When after the kiss, you look into the eyes of your partner and fall in love all over again.

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