5 Ways to cheat – on your diet – and still lose weight

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One of the reasons many people give up on their diets is because they are TOO restrictive.

We all want/need to give in to our cravings and be allowed to eat our favourite foods every once-in-a-while.

Here are five ways to help you have a CHEAT MEAL which can HELP you LOSE WEIGHT:

5 Ways to cheat (1)_A4W1. Plan it

If cheat meals are unscheduled they will happen all the time. You MUST decide how regular your cheat meals will be and what they should look like.

If you decide on one per week then that’s it. Then, when it’s time for your cheat meal, have it and move on – straight back to your normal healthy food routine.

Don’t fall prey to the ‘Well, now that I’ve messed up my diet I may as well have a cheat DAY’ attitude. This is where cheat meals become a bad thing.


5 Ways to cheat (6)_A4W2. Cheat in moderation

A cheat meal should have a time limit, 30 to 60 minutes of eating whatever you like. That way the total amount of food you consume is limited by a factor other than your desire to eat.

This diffuses the refined carb- and sugar-induced trance which allows some of us to eat ridiculous amounts of food.


5 Ways to cheat (5)_A4W3. Drink before you eat

Drinking a BIG glass of water before a cheat meal is another great way to naturally limit your food intake. You’ll feel full from the water, so you may well eat a bit less than you usually would.

Plus, drinking water should be on your ‘to-do’ list anyway, so drink up.


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4. Get your body to use the calories well

Another small tweak you can do before a cheat meal is to do some air-squats or push-ups before you start eating.

The exercise can get your body to use some of the calories as muscle fuel rather than storing it all away as fat. This won’t make cheat meals any healthier, but if you can get them to be beneficial in any way it’s better than nothing.

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5. Observe

One thing I like to do is use a cheat meal to make me aware of how physically bad ‘unhealthy’ food choices make me feel.

It provides really great motivation to avoid these foods during the rest of the week/month. It also provides very clear evidence of how good the ‘healthy’ foods make you feel.

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