5 Steps to the easiest weight loss of your life

Runners jogging in park
Runners jogging in park

Losing weight… we all think it’s SO TOUGH. Here are 5 ways to make your weight-loss journey easier…

Actually, all it takes is some key lifestyle adjustments that you carry out consistently for as long as it takes.

If you can follow these 5 steps you’ll be well on your way to the easiest weight loss of your life.

1. Get into a DEFICIT

The most important factor for weight loss will ALWAYS be maintaining a caloric deficit in your calorie intake versus expenditure equation.

If you’re eating healthily and not losing weight you’re probably eating too much healthy food. Remember that ANY food can make you fatter if it’s in excess of what your body needs for the day.

5 Steps to the easiest weight loss of your life (3)_A4W

5 Steps to the easiest weight loss of your life (5)_A4W

2. Get the right balance

The second most important factor in your diet is macro-nutrient balance. You need to get the right ratio of protein:fat:carbs. NOTE: YOU NEED CARBS! (The type depends on how much exercise you do).

I recommend setting your protein (1.5g per kg ideal bodyweight) level first. Your fat intake will self-regulate with the animal proteins you eat – the best fats are in meat and eggs. Don’t eat bricks of butter and bottles of cream and think you’re winning the war on weight loss.

Once you’ve set protein and fats, subtract these calories from your total caloric needs and then make the rest of your calories up from vegetables, fruits and starches (white rice and potatoes are best).

5 Steps to the easiest weight loss of your life (2)_A4W

3. Stop eating processed foods

Pretty self-explanatory.

The rule: if it was never alive, avoid it. This means you should eat animal products and plant products almost exclusively, in as natural a form as possible.


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