5 Ways to make any meal weight-loss friendly

food on plate

4. Leave some food on your plate

Our parents – with the best intentions – taught most of us to eat all of the food on our plates.

While this may be important for growing children it is much less important, almost counterproductive, for adults.

Leaving some food on your plate at a meal is a way of teaching yourself that you are in control of your food, not the other way around. This is extremely important if you want to be successful on a diet.

And no, just because you left a mouthful of broccoli on your plate it doesn’t mean you can have an entire cake for dessert.

Young woman doing tummy crunches --- Image by © Patrik Giardino/Corbis

5. Don’t eat more when you exercise

Unless you’re training ultra-hard – like for an ultramarathon or the Olympics – eat the normal amount of food for weight loss even when you’re doing some exercise.

People find it VERY difficult to increase their calories in proportion to the amount of exercise they do, usually overshooting pretty massively and ending up gaining some weight as a result.

Rather keep calorie intake the same and use exercise to enhance your weight loss than eat more and have exercise be the reason you are gaining weight.

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