6 things worth your attention when assessing a suitable marriage partner


PAY ATTENTION: When assessing whether someone is suitable for marriage, pay attention to 6 things:

1. Someone’s ease to open up or determination to keep secrets from you. Someone who is close to you, yet still very secretive. Is bound to be very secretive in marriage. Secrets frustrate love, they breed mistrust, they inhibit closeness.

2. Someone’s views about sex: Someone’s view about sex while single or before marriage will indicate to you how they’ll handle sex in marriage. Someone with a loose view of sex is bound to be unfaithful in marriage. Someone who uses being single to sleep around casually will find it hard to stay faithful after the marriage vows.

3. Someone’s relationship with God. Are you desiring a God-loving family, then pay attention to that person’s spiritual life. When things are good, do they thank God? When things are bad, do they turn to God?

4. Someone’s handling of disappointments and tempers: Disappointments will be there in life, not everything will go as planned. How does that person respond, not react to them? You will step on each others’ nerves sometimes in marriage, when that person gets hot tempered, do they abuse you? say regrettable things, disown you?

5. Someone’s handling of finances: The handling of money can destroy a relationship. How does that person handle money? or lack of money? Are you looked down upon because you have little, or are you valued just when you have money? Money can add up or dwindle, will your love stand? Will you despise each other when it’s little, or will feelings of pride emerge just because there is abundance of wealth?

6. Someone’s handling of the past and their Exes: Is the person still caught up in the past? Will unresolved matters come to haunt your future? Why did the relationship with the exes end?

With the findings you can know whether to pursue marriage with the person or not. But even if the findings are bad, you may not necessarily leave, you may bring it to the attention of the person, saying “I don’t like the way you do this” and maybe you might inspire growth in that person. Though remember some things are non-negotiable. You can only inspire change in someone willing to change. Pay attention!

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