Absolut launch Vodka with real fruit juice and only 54 calories

Absolut vodka now comes in two new exciting flavours, Strawberry and Apple, made with real fruit juice and only 54 calories with soda.

Absolut has launched a healthier range of flavoured vodka with real fruit juice – and only 54 calories per drink!

Now fans of the popular alcoholic beverage can enjoy the new Absolut Juice Edition, which comes in two definitive summertime flavours, Strawberry and Apple.

The light and refreshing drink just requires soda and ice for taste.

The bottles even – which feature beautifully designed paper labels – even come with advice on how to reuse the bottle, including using the container as a candle holder.

Adam Boita, Head of Marketing at Pernod Ricard said: “We know that our customers are increasingly health conscious and are keen to enjoy products with natural ingredients, so we’ve created this beautiful range with them in mind – a single measure of Strawberry Juice Edition (25ml) served with soda is just 56 calories and only 54 calories with Apple Juice Edition!”

Absolut Juice Strawberry is fresh and smooth, with rich notes of sun ripened strawberries and a pastel pink hue.

Whilst Absolut Juice Apple has a distinct character of ripe apples and a crisp aroma in an elegant shade of green.

Absolut Juice Edition (50cl, 35%) is £16 from Amazon, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

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