No. You’re not going crazy. You really are looking at a pair of Croc heels!

Crocs Women’s Cyprus V Heel

Here’s something you probably didn’t see coming (or maybe you did in which case more power to your fashion-forward, visionary self).

Introducing Croc heels.

The internet went wild when Crocs released its Women’s Cyprus V Heel recently. What’s even wilder and more surprising is that the heels are currently sold out on Croc’s website!

Picture c/o gabbois

In all honesty, it seems a lot like the more unexpected and – for lack of a better word – ugly a shoe gets, the more likely it’s going to be seen on the runway or on some hot celebrity. It’s almost as if the goal is to look like you’re not trying to hard while in reality you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on t-shirts with holes in them, simple biker shorts and croc heels.

Truth is though, one of the best parts about fashion is one’s ability to play with your sense of style through clothes. You get to fall into character each day and become someone new. So who cares if you’re into Croc heels today, right?

Love them or hate them, Crocs are here to stay…

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