15 Phrases you Should Never Tell Your Woman

1. “Don’t be stupid”

Never talk to her as if you find her foolish at the spur of the moment. You didn’t commit to a foolish woman.

2. “Control your kids”

Never alienate yourself from your children when your children do wrong and blame your wife. You both are parents.

3. “You are so petty”

Never make her feel like what she cares for or concerns her or worries about is not important, lest she finds it hard to open up to you.

4. “F*ck you”

Never insult the same woman you willingly pursued. Don’t become too familiar with her that you abuse her.

5. “You prostitute”

Many men call their woman a whore in moments of anger just to get at her. Don’t. Honorable men don’t stoop so low.

6. “You wouldn’t understand”

Never talk to her as if she is dumb. Don’t isolate issues and truths from her claiming they are way above her. She is your life partner. You’re in this together.

7. “You woman!”

This is demeaning and degrading. She is not “you woman”, she is YOUR WOMAN.

8. “Why can’t you be like so and so?”

She is special, above other women. Don’t make her feel she has to compete with other women in your eyes.

9. “Even my mothers thinks that…”

Don’t force her into what she is not OK with just because your mom says so. Your mom shouldn’t order your woman around.

10. “Don’t mess with my money”

Never make it sound like she is not one with you and that you’re siding with your money not her. Don’t use your money to make her feel like she owes you.

11. “You are nothing without me”

If you have supported her and walked with her in any way, don’t keep reminding her if you truly did it out of love.

12. “This is not for women”

This is a sexist remark, telling her off and pushing her away just because she is a woman. This destroys teamwork in your love.

13. “You are ugly”

Don’t make her feel less beautiful by mocking her face, her body, her complexion, her weight, her height, her voice, her hair or anything about her. You pursued her because you found her attractive.

14. “I’m doing you a favour, no man would ever be with you”

When you pursued her you told her how special she was and blessed you will be if she chose you, why do you now want to make her feel as if she is the scum of women? Grow up. Don’t be selfish. Appreciate the good that you have.

15. “You useless barren woman”

If you two are not able to conceive, don’t turn against her, walk together with her as a couple.

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