#Gadgets: Nokia 5.1 arrives in Kenya

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has announced that the new Nokia 5.1 is now available to buy from accredited retailers in Kenya.

The signature aluminium unibody design has been refined to achieve ultimate quality, style and feel in the hand, while still retaining the rigidity and reliability you expect from a Nokia smartphone. With its higher-resolution display, 40% faster processor and improved cameras, Nokia 5.1 gives fans a smoother and more premium experience than its predecessor.

Continuing with the classic design of the previous generation, the new device is understated, compact and effortlessly stylish. It gets its structural integrity from a single block of 6000 series aluminium, refined through a rigorous 33 stage process of machining, anodising and polishing to give an exquisite satin finish and feel in the hand. It comes in the distinctive classic colour options you expect from a Nokia phone, all in a satin finish: Tempered Blue and Black.

The device also packs a 0.3-inch bigger display in a 2mm narrower body and precise attention to the finest details like harmonizing the rounded edges on the screen bezel with the corners of the phone to offer a compact, pocketable experience. It also comes with a higher resolution 5.5-inch Full HD+ display in 18:9 aspect ratio.


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