Break the living room layout rules


by Monique Warner

If you believe rules are made to be broken, here are a few ways to break the conventional rules for the living room layout …

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We all know the conventional living room layout – the largest couch faces the TV, two or three other single seat sofas/occasional chairs are angled to allow a view of both the TV and couch while a coffee table is placed in the middle of the room.

It’s an arrangement that allows everyone a view of the TV and, when the TV is off, it allows for the flow of conversation among guests. While this living room layout works well in many homes, there’s no reason why these rules can’t be broken.

Break the convention

Here are three rule-breaking layouts for your living room:

*If you prefer sitting in an armchair or recliner, position the two single seat sofas opposite the TV with larger couches on either side.

*If you use the living room as a home gym and need space to follow an exercise DVD, lose the large coffee table in the middle of the room. Instead, use small side tables that could be placed next to couches.

*No TV? No problem. Position two long sofas towards each other, placing a rectangular coffee table in the middle, to create a sociable space.

How have you arranged your living room?

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